Friday, December 23, 2011

Rice at Home

Here's a Christmas present to all!
I was just cleaning my office, was looking through a mission journal from when I was in Brazil, and found a poem I wrote.
This is a variation on 'Love at Home' that I wrote in Portuguese in 1997.
I thought Brad, and maybe anyone who served in Brazil would like it.

The english translation, which I just wrote today (and is pretty darn good if you ask me), is below.

Com Arroz No Lar
Escrito por Daniel Lee Gibby, 1997

Tudo é belo em derredor, com arroz no lar!
Nossa vida é melhor, com arroz no lar!
Bem igual não pode haver,
Que a fome combater,
E sustento promover, com arroz no lar!

Com arroz, com arroz.
Nunca a gente vai faltar, com arroz no lar.

Temperado, há prazer, o arroz no lar.
Sem feijão não pode haver, o arroz no lar.
Pega logo seu pratão, não tem maior emoção,
E se sobrar dá ao cão, o arroz no lar.


(Canta as próximos dois linhas bem triste)
Todo mundo vai chorar, sem arroz no lar.
E os caracões quebrar, sem arroz no lar.
(Agora canta bem animada!)
Este jeito vai acabar, não podemos esperar!
Hoje mesmo vai pegar, o arroz no lar!

Translation (not a direct translation, but hey, it rhymes!):

Rice At Home
written by Daniel Lee Gibby, 2011

There is beauty all around, when there's rice at home!
Life is better by the pound, when there's rice at home!
You just can't find nothing else, that will feed your hungering self,
And provide long years of health, than some rice at home!

Rice at home, rice at home.
Never will we lack again, when there's rice at home.

Cooked with spices, it's the best, when there's rice at home.
Add some beans, please don't forget, when there's rice at home..
Everyone go get your plate, there is nothing quite as great!
Feed the dog what's left out late... extra rice at home.


(sing the next two lines very sadly)
Everyone will surely cry, without rice at home.
What a world! We're going to die, without rice at home.
(Now sing very exitedly!)
We just can't keep on going this way, hurry now and don't delay!
Quickly go and make our day! Bring some rice on home!



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