Sunday, September 25, 2016

As I Listen

As I Listen

As I listen, as I ponder,
Quietly my heart aligns
With the purpose of my Father,
While his Spirit in me shines.

Be with me, and as my teacher,
Show me how to be like Thee.
Take my pains and be my healer.
After blindness, let me see!

As I study, and desire,
For my heart to be transformed,
Tenderly his light and fire
Shows his pathway through the storm.

Thank you, Savior, for thy mercy!
Thank you, for the Spirit's grace!
Help me daily to be worthy
And in time to see thy face.

Love! Oh how His love will brighten,
Every load of heart and mind,
In each day and as I hearken
And through trials am refined.

Thank you, Father, for my Savior!
Thank you, Jesus, for thy love!
Be with me, and through the Spirit,
Help me to return above!

-Daniel Lee Gibby

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